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We Dare You to Watch This Man Feed a Room Full of Deadly Cobras

While I believe we’ve done our humble part in supplying enough horrifying spider stories to keep arachnophobes in therapy for a couple more years (how else is your psychiatrist going to pay for that new swimming pool?), I fear I’ve been remiss in balancing those out with sufficient nightmare fodder for ophidiophobes — that is, […]


This Bizarre Naked Chimp Brawl Will Give You Instant Nightmares

It’s not every day you get to see (or write) a headline like that, so you might want to pay attention… but you also should consider carefully before watching the video below, especially if the idea of screeching, hulked-out naked apes with large fangs freaks you out. The following footage — shot by a visitor […]

Image Credit: iStock/Aleynikov


This Zoo Will Actually Let You Snuggle With Spiders!

Arachnaphobia is one of the most common of all fears (be to sure to check out this list to learn about some very uncommon phobias), and a pretty good percentage of humans have at least a slight aversion to eight-legged creepers. It’s also common knowledge that many phobias can be overcome by gradually exposing the […]