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A Doomed Explorer’s Journal Documents the Terrifying Search for “Subject C”

The horrors of World War I are well documented by historians, journalists and many other chronicles of humanity’s atrocities, and among the worst of these is the development of chemical and biological weaponry — deployed in the bloody trenches of Europe on a massive scale, with apocalyptic results. But countless whispered rumors and hastily hidden […]


Did This Mysterious Murder-Suicide Actually Lead to WWI?: The Mayerling Incident

You can’t discuss World War I without talking about the assassination of Austrian Archduke Ferdinand, an act carried out in 1914 by Gavrilo Princip, a 19-year-old Serbian born Yugoslav nationalist from Sarajevo. It’s the event that everyone attributes as being the start of a war that left 38 million soldiers and civilians dead, shaping events in Europe […]