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The True Story of the Catacombs Beneath Washington, DC

Rome, Paris, Palermo, and Vienna are all European cities built over ancient catacombs that have survived for centuries. Well, now you can add Washington D.C. to that honored list, except for the “ancient” part. Constructed in the mid-19th century, the catacombs beneath the capital may need another century or two before they reach that milestone. Just like […]


These Washington D.C. Witches Tried to Kill Hitler With an Occult Ritual

In February 1941, LIFE magazine published what may have been the strangest story ever to grace its pages.  It was written in a straightforward manner, without a hint of jest and not meant to poke fun. The name of the article? “LIFE Goes to a Hex Party.” Seems fairly innocuous, until you get to the […]


Virginia Haunted by Killer Dressed as Giant Rabbit: The Legend of Bunny Man Bridge

Just outside of Washington DC, there’s a small, wooded area on the outskirts of Fairfax, Virginia known as Burke. A hidden oasis in a bustling metropolis, Burke hosts antique stores, farmland, and a small railroad overpass that is the site of a haunted legend according to locals. Cars pass through a one-lane tunnel cut into […]