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5 More Memorable VHS Marketing Gimmicks!

If you got a kick out of the previous installment of VHS box gimmicks here on, here’s another helping of home video ballyhoo that’s sure to impress your analog inclinations! Here are five more pieces of outstanding VHShowmanship that encouraged you to rent, buy and simply marvel at the incredible ingenuity those VHS mongers […]


Check Out This Killer Custom-Painted TEXAS CHAINSAW VCR!

Here’s a re-animated blast from the past that just might make some cinephiles dig back into their basements for that lost box of VHS tapes! Yes, this IS a custom-painted VCR paying homage to Tobe Hooper’s original cult horror classic, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre! Created by graffiti / pen and ink artist Sorce122, this is […]