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Fear in Under 5 Minutes: Five Shorts Based on CreepyPastas

CreepyPastas have taken the Internet by storm over the past few years! These short horror stories (often created by anonymous authors) have given us endless amusement and many sleepless nights. Recently, created some of our own visual projects around our favorite CreepyPasta tales. Check out our most recent CreepyPasta video, THE BOOK, here. But many […]


EXCLUSIVE Film Debut! Check Out the Horrifying, Award-winning Short THE SMILING MAN! is proud to debut THE SMILING MAN, a disturbing new short written and directed by well-known visual effects artist A.J. Briones. This one is fresh off the festival circuit, having garnered a number of wins including “Best Short Film” at Shriek Fest and “Best Director” at the Midnight Horror Shorts Fest. Here is a message from […]