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When it Rained Unexplained Blobs of White Blood Cells in Washington

Frog, toads, fish, snakes, and even stones have all reportedly fallen down from the sky like rain at some point in time. One Florida resident even reported actual golf balls falling from the sky. In most cases, these acts of nature are easily explainable. After all, the rain golf balls can be explained by a water […]


The 5 Strangest, Most Mysterious Books Ever Written

Not all books are written to be entirely comprehended. Some books are written for indecipherable reasons known only to their authors. These books defy all reason and logic and are enigmas meant to never be interpreted. Here are five books that will leave you wondering for the rest of your life just what their authors […]


The Mysterious Death of Charles Walton

On Valentine’s Day 1945 in Warwickshire, England, police found the murdered body of Charles Walton. The seventy-four-year-old was discovered on a farm called The Firs, his body resting on the side of a hill. He was last seen alive the morning of February 14th leaving his home with his thirty-three-year-old niece Edith heading out to work in […]