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This Freaky Post Might Explain Why Snapchat’s Logo is a GHOST

Snapchat users love to give each other the creeps, and every day it seems there’s a new filter available that can transform people into ghosts, aliens, demons, zombies and other horrific creatures. But who knew one of the silliest and most popular filters — which superimposes the snout, ears and tongue of a slobbering puppy […]


This Chilling Short Will Make You Think Twice About Using Snapchat

Alex J. Mann’s short film 3 SECONDS takes a familiar urban legend — the tale of the unseen home invader playing macabre pranks on a disoriented victim — and updates it for the modern age with a spooky and surreal twist. Allison Raskin wordlessly portrays a young woman whose sleep is interrupted by an unwanted […]


Unlock a Bloody Hidden Clip From Eli Roth’s Interactive Slasher CHAINSAW!

Billed as an “interactive digital story,” CHAINSAW is coming soon to the recently-launched digital network CryptTV. Co-founders Eli Roth and Jack Davis, in a partnership with Blumhouse Productions and Culprit Creative, want to give you a terrifying preview… and invite you to take part in controlling the story’s outcome. The project involves an ominous, hulking maniac […]