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Video Time Capsule – The Controversy Surrounding The Original MANIAC!

These days, it’s very rare for a movie, let alone a horror movie, to cause an upset to the general public on such a grand scale. I’m not talking about the controversial movies like SERBIAN FILM or some of the French extremism that came in the wake of MARTYRS. Those films were movies that die-hard […]

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Vintage Video – Barbara Walters vs. VCR Horrors!

As a lifelong horror fan, sometimes I like to go down the YouTube rabbit hole in search of old video clips that bring me back to the glory days of mom & pop VHS rental stores and the era in which my insatiable, dark little mind was first discovering all these genre classics. Hey, I […]

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5 Scary Urban Legends that Should be Made into Horror Movies!

Most of us encounter urban legends online almost everyday. “Facebook is gonna send me a million dollars for reposting this.” “Don’t throw rice at weddings; it kills birds” “Did you know that Walt Disney had his head cryogenically frozen?” All completely false, but legends like this become part of our society and get passed from […]