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Creepy, Ancient “Skeleton Spiral” Discovered Beneath Mexico City

This macabre but fascinating find comes in the wake of another amazingly spooky discovery in Mexico, in which divers mapped out a massive labyrinth of underwater tunnels in the Yucatan Peninsula — a site ancient Mayan priests once used to contact the underworld. The haunting revelation comes from beneath the streets of modern Mexico City, […]


The Bone Church: Journeying Inside the Sedlec Ossuary

40,000 human skeletons. Skull candle holders. A chandelier compromised of every single bone in the human body. No, it’s not an attraction at a sideshow. It’s the Sedlec Ossuary in the Czech Republic’s Kutna Hora – a.k.a. a holy church decorated from base to rooftop with thousands upon thousands of human bones. When it […]


The Bizarre Haunted History of Taiwan’s Abandoned “UFO Pod City”

In 1978, developers in Taiwan started building what became known as the “Sanzhi UFO Pod City.” The “pods” were intended as a vacation resort property, and plans were made to market them to American military officers coming off East Asian postings. The project was inspired by Matti Suuronen’s “Futuro” housing — prefabricated houses that looked like […]

Naked Witches Get Down and Bloody for Danzig’s Cover of Black Sabbath’s “N.I.B.”

[NSFW content ahead] Black Sabbath fans will instantly recognize the opening strains of that band’s classic 1970 track “N.I.B.” in the video below… but in dark-rock icon Glenn Danzig’s new interpretation of the Satanic single, there are way more naked ladies involved. “N.I.B.” is the latest release from Danzig’s new album SKELETONS, which represents a tribute to […]