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Revisiting CANDLE COVE: The Scariest Children’s Show of All Time?

I once introduced many of our readers to the eerie world of creepypasta with a brief overview of the most well-known viral tales and legends, and among those entries, I discussed the horrific web legend of CANDLE COVE — a mysterious and disturbing children’s TV show which has since become one of the most widely-shared […]


The US Government Actually Made Bombs that Scream Like Humans!

Sound has long been known to have a deep, psychological effect. This is why every year, grade school science fairs are filled with projects about the effect music has on plants/hamsters/fish/little brothers. Loud music is frequently used to cause sleep deprivation in POWs, and the United States notoriously used round-the-clock recordings of Van Halen to […]


Expert Claims to Solve the Mystery of the “Screaming Hotel Ghost”

Haunted hotels seem to be all over the news lately, and we’re seeing new reports and updates to existing stories happening almost every week. But for this article we want to follow up on one particular hotel, previously featured in our list of Six Scary Paranormal Activity Videos from the Web: the site of the […]