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Five Photos With Chilling Backstories

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. But sometimes, looking at a photo in context of whatever backstory came before or after it can sometimes lead to some of the creepiest, most chilling tales. After all, fact is stranger than fiction! The fine fiends from Top 5’s on You Tube, whom have delivered […]


Fact Or Fiction? Are These Some Of The Scariest Things Caught On Video?

The fine fiends over on the TOP5’s You Tube channel, along with YouTube’s spot-on algorithm are at it again! Every time I sign in to watch some nerdy Batman clip (the BvS kill count is pretty great!) or a music video (all about Wolfie’s Just Fine this week), a handful of real life scare videos […]


Did These Videos Capture 5 Mysterious Creatures On Tape?

Just last week, while doing my usual tour of the wacky and weird world of YouTube, I stumbled upon a great video clip showcasing 10 Haunted Dolls Caught On Tape. Because of this, YouTube’s algorithm has been kind enough to bombard me with similar “real life scare” videos, which I’m thankful for! This one in […]