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This Music Video is Made of Pure Nightmares

Deep, deep down low. I must confess I’m not exactly a guru of EDM tunes, just a casual fan. But this one from Valentino Khan really sticks with you regardless of musical predilections. And it’s not just the catchy beats. The video is a hallucinogenic journey of nightmarish proportions. A man, clearly under the effects of […]


Who Is Chip-Chan? The Disturbing Story Behind This Viral Sensation

Long ago, at the turn of this century, Burger King started a campaign to sell more chicken sandwiches. Their ads focused on a man sized chicken who they called Subservient Chicken. The commercials were funny, and as with the creepy King in the King mask, Burger King found itself with another popular character. They even […]


People Are Straight Up Scared Of Sadako In These RING Pranks

Earlier this week, I revisited the original Japanese RING movies, RINGU and RINGU 2 for my weekly edition of “Double Take.” It brought me right back to that era of vibrant scary Asian cinema that was coming out in the late 90’s / early 2000’s. And naturally, where there’s any spurt of creativity, Hollywood is […]


Abandon All Hope: Video of TELETUBBIES in Black and White Set to Joy Division

The TV show TELETUBBIES was always pretty damn freaky. My roommate in college used to watch this otherworldly mind trip (usually while stoned), and I had always found the plush, giggly cherubs to be rather unsettling. But this week, we were sent a video of the show in black and white with a Joy Division […]