The 13th Floor


Hilarious Horror in Under 5 Minutes with Short Film BUNDLE OF NERVES!

Think your job is bad? You could be a police officer in a peculiar town where tentacled creatures and blob monsters are standard occurrences. But somehow life’s normal quandaries still have a way of rising to the top, even amidst monsters and mayhem. Check out director Ryan Spindell’s amazing short film BUNDLE OF NERVES below.


A Deviant Dentist Finds THE ROOT OF THE PROBLEM in This Totally Twisted Short

Some call it Odontophobia or Dentophobia. But most of us know of it simply as “Dental Fear.” A surprisingly large percentage of the population experiences at least some measure of anxiety when it comes to visiting the dentist, even if it’s just for their bi-annual cleaning… but for some, it’s an overwhelming, paralyzing fear. Those […]