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Robert Morgan’s BOBBY YEAH May Be the Sickest Stop-Motion Film Ever Made

Happy Friday, fellow extremists! How about closing out your hectic work week with an adorable little piece of animation? Of course, your definitions of “adorable” may differ from mine… but in this case, it means a sticky, blood-smeared, hairy, screeching, slime-spurting epic of apocalyptic proportions. That is, the outrageously twisted (and award-winning) 2011 film BOBBY […]


5 Haunting Stop-Motion Horror Shorts

Rankin/Bass Productions, Inc. was an American company best known for a series of stop-motion animated holiday specials, the most famous being RUDOLPH THE RED-NOSED REINDEER; released in 1964 it became a staple of popular culture for several decades and spawned scores of imitators. Stop-motion threatened to become a lost art when computer animation became the […]