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NIGHT TERRORS: Is This Mobile Horror Game the POKEMON GO Killer?

Have you ever wanted to live in a survival horror game? Then I’ve got just the app for you. NIGHT TERRORS is a soon-to-be-released mobile game that takes augmented reality away from the kiddies playing POKÉMON GO and uses it to create real world terror, putting you inside an immersive survival horror experience. Made by Novum […]


10 Pokémon Inspired By Creepy Legends and Lore

The fact that I have found the time to sit down and write an article in between my day job and my tireless hours of Pokémon hunting is cause for a celebration.  Like most people, Pokémon GO has quickly replaced Candy Crush and Instagram as the most important app on my phone. As a child […]


From POLYBIUS to SAD SATAN: The Five Most Haunted Video Games!

Beginning with a disturbing arcade cabinet from the early 1980s and ending with a Deep Web nightmare from last year, below is a chronological list of haunted video games. Not video games about hauntings, but games that are haunted. If you believe what you read on the Internet (and why wouldn’t you?) these unsettling and […]