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The Frightening Legend of the “Melon Head” People of Ohio, Michigan, and Connecticut

Many of the most famous urban legends in the U.S. are focused on ghost stories, Bigfoot, or that one time your uncle swore that he saw a UFO and little green men. But there are reasons other than ghosts and alien life forms to be wary… at least in Michigan, Ohio, and Connecticut. In the […]


The Disturbing History of Bedlam: The World’s Most Notorious Insane Asylum

The word “bedlam” refers to chaos, disorder, and confusion. Unlike many modern words, which are derived from archaic words in ancient or dead languages, “bedlam” is a far more modern word, one that was derived from the oldest mental asylum in Europe.  Originally founded as a priory in 1247, St. Mary Bethlehem was a religious […]

We Escaped (Barely) From PanIQ Entertainment’s INSANE ASYLUM!

With Halloween season in full swing, there is an abundance of haunts to be discovered and a plethora of escape rooms to abscond from. We here at Blumhouse like to think that we have the acute expertise to perform feats of Houdini-style prowess when it comes to escaping horror-related situations, so it was only fitting that we […]