The 13th Floor


The Important Question of the Day: Would You Eat a Unicorn?

For today’s video flashback, we are going back to 2012 and another one by genre veteran Drew Daywalt. This horror short, simply entitled MEAT, casts horror notables AJ Bowen and Ed Ackerman as two gentlemen who have just hit a mythical creature with their truck…or it could just be a retarded mule.


Check Out This Short Film That Proves That Real MONSTERS Exist

Every once in a while, we’ll stumble upon a new horror short film that really blows us away, both in execution and in style. Below is one of those shorts, courtesy of director Steve Desmond. MONSTERS is about a young girl named┬áJenn who lives in an underground bunker with her family, protected from the monsters […]


Check Out This Incredibly Chilling Spanish Horror Short

Last year at the Etheria Film Festival in Los Angeles, I had the pleasure of viewing the horror short DE NOCHE Y DE PRONTO by filmmaker Arantxa Echevarria. This Spanish film features a chilling plot, fantastic build of tension, and an explosive ending. Home alone in a quiet apartment building, a woman receives an unexpected […]