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Would You Dare Try This TRUTH OR DARE Recipe From GEEKS WHO EAT?

GEEKS WHO EAT has one hell of a hook, bringing together two things we all love: genre cinema and delicious eats. Founders Sarah and Matthew Stubbs have turned the site into a viral phenomenon thanks to their inventive movie and TV tie-in recipes — which are ideal for watch parties, snacking through post-screening conversations about […]


Behold the Awesomely Creepy Horror Manga Cosplay of Mamakiteru

You may be thinking, “cosplay is so 2012″… but think again: now, the coolest thing ever is horror manga cosplay. Twitter user Mamakiteru has a unique cosplay specialty: she recreates individual panels from Japan’s beloved horror manga comics, with impressive results. Her favorite subject seems to be the works of Junji Ito — whose most […]