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Real or Fake, This Snowboarder’s Close Encounter with a Bear is Still Terrifying

When you spend most of your waking hours (plus some less-lucid mental states) scrubbing the upper and lower sides of the web in search of bizarre, creepy, unexplained and often nightmare-inducing material, it’s understandable you have to sift through a lot of hoaxes and misinterpreted footage to get to the rare WTF gems that just […]


The 25-Year-Old Mystery Behind “Mortuary of the Dead” [NSFW]

The ghastly, nightmarish legends surrounding a notorious (and redundantly-titled) video known as “Mortuary of the Dead” has elevated its seedy legacy from the underground domain of VHS bootlegs and “true gore” sites, and into the realm of internet legends… and that place, as you probably know by now, is where I live and breathe. Still, myths and […]


In Search of the Lethal Banned Video SATAN’S SPHINX

Some of the most disturbing and mysterious viral tales involve alleged “lost” videos — the contents of which are often claimed to have harmful or even fatal effects on those unfortunate enough to view them. Notable examples include a crude video collage nicknamed “The Grifter,” the origin of which is still the subject of intense […]