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Scientists May Have Discovered the Virus That Makes Us Human

During one of the most intense flu seasons in recent years, it might seem hard to accept the possibility that a virus of any kind might have a beneficial impact… but according to a newly-published pair of scientific papers, it’s possible a prehistoric virus may have played a critical part in the evolution of the […]


Group Claims to Have “Overwhelming” Evidence of Bigfoot in California

An organization of Sasquatch enthusiasts is so convinced this supposedly mythical cryptid is a genuine species, they’re preparing to go to court with new evidence to prove it. Todd Standing of Alberta represents a Canadian branch of this organization, which also claims many members in California. That group issued a petition to the state last […]


Designer Experimenting With DNA to Create Human Skin Clothing

Just yesterday, we told you about a man who used actual human brain juice to get high, and this story’s a perfect follow-up. Although the details are a lot more sophisticated, and don’t involve any criminal activity (that I’m aware of), the concept behind this story is actually a bit creepier. This particular approach to using human […]