The 13th Floor


The Unsolved Mystery of Detroit’s Occult Murders

When police arrived at 3587 Saint Aubin Street in Detroit, Michigan, on July 3, 1929, they found Benny Evangelista seated behind his desk, his hands neatly folded in his lap as though in prayer. They found his head on the floor right next to his feet. Upstairs they found Mrs. Santina Evangelista and their children- […]


The Unsettling, Unsolved Mystery of “The Barbie Interview”

Many theories have circulated regarding the origin and authenticity of a fuzzy, distorted video simply titled barbie.aviĀ [including a logical but particularly nightmarish suggestionĀ that appears at the end of this article] but at present, all we have to go on is a particularly disturbing post from the unnamed individual who allegedly watched it in its entirety […]