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The Unsettling Awesomeness of Katherine Dunn’s GEEK LOVE

Freak shows first began to come into the public eye as early as the 16th century, when people with unusual, deformed, or extreme body types would be displayed for royalty as objects of curiosity and medical intrigue. The tradition of the freak show continued to centuries, and they became a staple of traveling circuses, offering […]


This Creepy Clown Short Should Ruin Your Whole Day!

If you suffer from a fear of clowns — and you want a good, creepy horror short to give you some fresh nightmares tonight — we’ve got just the film for you! It’s actually the 2016 season finale of the YouTube series SCARY ENDINGSĀ — a collection of bite-sized horror shorts from various filmmakers. We’ve showcased […]


Is This Texas Bridge Haunted by Murderous Monkeys?

In Henderson County, Texas, near the small town of Athens, a certain railway bridge has picked up a creepy nickname among locals: Monkey Bridge. The history behind itĀ is even creepier than the name itself: according to local lore, the derailment of a circus train in the 1960s freed dozens of monkeys from their cages, and […]