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Watch This Fearless Girl Play in the Pool with a GIGANTIC Python

You may be shocked to discover that the following story does not actually originate in Australia, but in my home state of California. Specifically, the video you’re about to see was shot in the city of Redding, where in a little girl was frolicking in a backyard kiddie pool with her best pal… a massive […]


The Frightening, Unsolved Disappearance of Dorothy Jane Scott

Dorothy Jane Scott was a 32-year-old single mother who worked as a secretary for Swingers Psych and Head Shop in Anaheim, California – just across the street from Disneyland. She was a quiet woman, “dull as a phone book,” a friend once said, who was religious, didn’t date, and hardly ever left the house recreationally. She […]


Surfer’s GoPro Captures Shocking Footage of a FLYING Great White Shark!

Southern California Surfers Drew Palumbo and Ben Slayback like to shoot drone and GoPro videos of their aquatic adventures. But last week, Palumbo caught a terrifying glimpse of something the pair had never seen in person before… and they’d probably prefer never to see it the same way again. While surfing last Monday off Sunset […]


REAL Corpse Found in California Funhouse: The Bizarre Life & Death of Elmer McCurdy

From 1902 to 1979, “The Pike” in Long Beach, California was a premiere location for family fun and excitement. Packed with rides and amusements, it entertained generations of Californians and tourists. One of the rides, a funhouse, featured skeletons, monsters and a gallows with one extremely realistic victim hanging from it. In life that corpse […]

Image Credit: iStock/Dr-Strangelove


California Couple Viciously Attacked by Killer Squirrel

That might be the goofiest headline you’ll read all week, but for Richard and Norma Williams of Novato, CA, their recent traumatic experience with the “Squirrel From Hell” was certainly no laughing matter. The attack wasn’t an isolated incident, either: it’s just one of eight which took place throughout the couple’s neighborhood since Thanksgiving — including a […]