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Experts Analyze This Boy’s Terrifying Near-Fatal Lightning Encounter [VIDEO]

Recorded last year in Posadas, Argentina, the clip below shocked YouTube viewers worldwide as they watched a 12-year-old boy playing with an umbrella beneath a gutter’s rain-spout during a thunderstorm… suddenly, the air itself seems to explode around him as a massive lightning bolt strikes, and the camera operator can be heard screaming in horror […]


This Michigan Forest Footage Seems to Depict a Bigfoot-Like Creature

Submitted to YouTube channel NvTv by an unidentified “viewer” from Michigan, the video presented below comes with very little additional information — as is usually the case in countless Sasquatch sightings. But unlike most of the obvious fakes, there’s something about this footage which has triggered debate among cryptozoologists and various Bigfoot enthusiasts. Personally, it’s just […]


Watch the Real-Life Inspiration for BLACK MIRROR’s Terrifying METALHEAD Episode [VIDEO]

[Warning: Some spoilers ahead] We don’t review new films or TV shows on these pages — that’s not our beat. Besides, there are plenty of sites that have the review thing nailed down. But we do make it our business to unearth and analyze some of the web’s most unnerving videos, news items and images […]


ROSEMARY’S BABY and the War on Women’s Reproductive Rights

Roman Polanski — perhaps the most unlikely commentator on women’s rights — made ROSEMARY’s BABY at an idealistic time. In 1960, the first birth control pill Enovid was placed on the pharmaceutical market thanks in part to Margaret Sanger. While “the pill” was originally prescribed for menstrual disorders and irregularities most women were secretly using […]

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Why the Politics of AMERICAN PSYCHO Are Shockingly Relevant Today

Since I choose to actively eschew the word “controversial,” I elect to describe famed 52-year-old novelist Bret Easton Ellis as “confrontational.” Ellis is a direct author who aims to shake readers from their societal complacency by peeling back all the wet, fleshy layers of good decorum to reveal the blackened, hedonistic, selfish heart of a […]


Chile Releases Shocking Never-Before-Seen UFO Footage, Experts Baffled

After being withheld from the public eye for two years, a strange and unsettling UFO video shot by the Chilean Navy has finally been released to the media… but despite extensive analysis by numerous experts, the subject of this mysterious footage remains unexplained. Clocking in at just over nine minutes, the video shown below was […]