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The Real Life FROZEN: Woman Stranded On Ski Lift For 5 Hours

In Adam Green’s ski-lift horror FROZEN, viewers witness the horrifying ordeal of three friends who become stranded on a ski lift. One mistake made by a ski-lift operator changed the lives of the characters forever and forced them to fight for survival against the elements. The film made a simple ride to the top of […]

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Even Horror Film Locations Can Get Bad YELP Reviews!

Often in horror it’s hard to understand how a certain place can stay in business for so long. One would think establishments that prey on vulnerable guests or hotels that are ridiculously haunted would be hard pressed to find patrons. But, business is always booming in the horror genre because if it wasn’t, we wouldn’t […]


5 Frightening and Fun Horror Short Films You Can Watch Online Right Now

Have a a quick 10 minutes to spare during a coffee break? You have time for some horror! Check out these five chilling short films below. MONSTER PROBLEMS– Every Halloween, Adam Green’s company, ArieScope Pictures (HATCHET, HOLLISTON), releases a short film. This year’s short is especially fun demonstrating the power of the bed blanket when […]