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When Max Headroom Mysteriously Hijacked Television

Max Headroom was originally a British character from a science fiction made-for-TV movie. This Ray Ban wearing digital revolutionary, introduced in 1984, was described as the world’s first computer generated TV host. Of course, he was mostly a synthesized version of actor Matt Frewer wearing prosthetic make-up.  From his TV movie beginnings, Max received his own […]


The Horrifying Theory Behind a Bizarre Photo Nicknamed “Danny Boy”

This creepy viral phenomenon is one of many tales revolving around a single strange photograph [like these, for example], which may have first surfaced with no available backstory — as is the case for so many vintage photos posted online. As the saying goes, nature — not to mention the internet — abhors a vacuum, […]

11 Unintentionally Scary as Hell Music Videos from the 1980s 

In the 1980s, videos were a new and experimental frontier that the industry was not quite sure what to do with. And not unlike today, many music video makers were young film students filled with avant-garde ideas and outlandish concepts. However, sometimes experiments can go awry, and art can transform into a nightmare in a […]


5 Ridiculous Things that were Considered Satanic in the 1980s

“The Satanic Panic” was the Red Scare of the 1980s. Communists lurking around every corner were replaced by devil worshipers living amongst us in the suburbs. Shows like 20/20 and 60 Minutes were frightening folks into believing Satanists weren’t only living next door, but they were probably also hiding in the attic. There was nowhere […]


5 Incredibly Scary & Disturbing Kids’ Movies from the 1980s

Society, across the board, loved horror in the 1980s. While franchise gods like Jason, Freddy, and Michael Myers roamed our movie screens, filmmakers were indoctrinating a new generation of horror fans via seemingly innocent kids’ films that were twisted as hell. Check out our list below of five 80s kids’ movies that were disturbing enough […]