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This Artist’s Humongous Graffiti Spider is Horrifyingly Awesome

Attention arachnophobes: you might want to steer clear of this article (sorry about the lead image, but we have serious reporting to do here). All others: you’re in for some of the coolest, most insanely amazing monster street art you’ve ever seen.

Portuguese artist Sergio Odeith has mastered the technique of painting murals that employ perspective tricks, which fool the viewer into perceiving the two-dimensional paintings as solid (and often huge) objects when viewed from certain angles.

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You’ve probably seen this done by other artists in the past — many of whom make an unbroken segment of street or sidewalk appear to be a deep lava-pit, or something similar — but this spider is one of the most impressive (and for some, absolutely terrifying) examples of this inventive method used to create monster-sized creatures.

The spider is being heralded as the artists finest achievement, and rightly so: in this staged image, the behemoth seems poised to devour all unlucky intruders… even if they’re armed with spray-can flamethrowers.

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Odieth prefers to keep his tools and exact methods a trade secret, but you might be able to pick up a few pointers from the following time-lapse video, which shows the end-to-end creation of this arachnid masterpiece:

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The artist has also revealed that he originally painted a mock-up version of the spider in his own studio before selecting an abandoned location to create the final full-sized version you see in these images.

The mural has been astounding and frightening people around the world since Odieth first posted the results to Instagram… and you can see more of his brain-bending works at that link, as well as his official site and Facebook page.