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Australian Town Experiences a Surge in Reports of Paranormal Activity

The city of Springfield in Queensland, Australia has undergone some major changes over the years: it was once a farming community, but has since developed into a growing suburb of nearby Ipswich, with more and more families settling there every year as city development projects expand… but it’s not those changes that have some residents concerned.

According to Queensland’s Courier Mail, reports of paranormal activity in the region have increased — including multiple accounts of people hearing ominous footsteps at night, doors opening and closing on their own, and children claiming to see or hear a mysterious presence in the family’s house.

These reports have come to the attention of former paranormal investigator Kellie Wright, who lives in the adjacent suburb of Camira. Wright told the Courier Mail this surge in paranormal incidents likely coincides with the increase of development in the area.

“There’s a lot that goes on around spooky Springfield,” Wright explains. “What people need to understand is that spirits are residual to the land, and a lot of Springfield is old farming land.”

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One of the most widely-circulated local legends describes “The Tall Man” — not to be confused with the PHANTASM character, but rather a “resident ghost” said to haunt the region — whom Wright says she first saw when she moved to Camira.

“He is quite tall, dark-skinned, wears a coat, and paces and paces and paces. My son used to see a man looking in the windows who fit the same description.”

He’s not the only one, it seems; Wright told the newspaper the Tall Man has been sighted multiple times recently — most often by younger residents.

“He seems to like to frighten children a bit,” she said.