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Local News Claims a “Terrifying Creature” is Killing Dogs in Argentina

One of the strangest viral cryptid images to make the rounds over the past few days has been sparking intense debate over its true origins… but even if it’s a doctored shot (which most of these turn out to be), it’s still seriously creepy to look at.

The image was researched by the blog INEXPLICATA — which reports and investigates cases of UFO sightings and other strange phenomena in Spain, South America and the Caribbean. The photograph, which was allegedly taken in the town of Totoras in the Argentinian province of Santa Fe, depicts a seemingly hairless, canine-like creature of immense size.

Image Credit: UFOmania via YouTube

There is no mention of how the photograph was taken, but the blog warns that the image should be considered with “considerable skepticism,” as it’s been attached to a wide range of articles, with story details varying from post to post.

The most recent of these was apparently traced to the April 6 issue of the newspaper Tribuno de Tucumán, which described “A creature with terrifying features” terrorizing the residents of Totoras. One of the townspeople told the paper the creature had been confronted by two dogs — a Pitbull and a German Shepherd — and killed both of them.

Since the most recent round of shares, several individuals have come forward claiming to have taken the photo, but none have been confirmed as of this writing. Some commenters have pointed out the creature’s similarity to a Lobisomem — a werewolf-like monster from South American folklore.

However, one user recently pointed out the beast’s similarity to this illustration of Remus Lupin from J.K. Rowling’s HARRY POTTER AND THE PRISONER OF AZKABAN, and did a side-by-side comparison to demonstrate how the image could have been composited with the street image to create a rather convincing hoax.