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Police Investigating Wave of “Zombie Raccoon” Incidents in Ohio

You know, it’s getting hard to sort out satire from legit reporting these days… but multiple reliable sources have confirmed this story, no matter how freaky it seems at first glance.

According to WKBN-TV, multiple incidents of “zombie-like” raccoon activity have been reported to authorities across northeastern Ohio… including over a dozen calls to police in the community of Youngstown alone over the past three weeks.

WKBN interviewed photographer Robert Coggeshall, who claimed he was playing with his dogs in the yard when a raccoon approached him, stood on its hind legs, bared its teeth aggressively… then fell over backwards.

This weird encounter was just one of 14 similar incidents reported to police in the area over the past few weeks… and this wave of so-called “zombie attacks” hasn’t shown signs of letting up.

Ohio’s Department of Natural Resources was contacted amid fears of a rabies epidemic. But based on these animals’ behaviors, experts believe they are textbook symptoms of distemper — which, much like rabies, causes seizures and other body convulsions, and can erase a raccoon’s instinctive fear of approaching humans.