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Mysterious Vortex-Like Cloud Sighted Over Southwestern US and Mexico

Much like the blood-red funnel spotted over Brazil in August 2017, another creepy sky phenomenon has been reported across multiple states in two countries.

The rainbow-colored circular vortex appeared over much of Arizona on Monday, March 26, and has been sighted in the western skies over much of Southern California and nearby parts of Mexico as well, with multiple photos popping up across social media.

After an influx of calls from viewers reporting the strange cloud formation, FOX 10 Phoenix contacted the National Weather Service in search of answers.

NWS officials noted the shape is similar to previous sightings following rocket launches at White Sands, AZ missile range and California’s Vandenburg Air Force Base (where a surprise SpaceX launch earlier this year freaked out thousands of witnesses, many of whom thought it was either a UFO or an incoming nuclear missile attack).

As of this writing, no one is 100% certain the swirling iridescent cloud is connected to a rocket or missile launch on Monday.


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