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This Man Was Gobbled Up by an Escalator… and Survived [VIDEO]

A terrifying incident took place at Ayazaga Metro station in Istanbul, Turkey on February 27, when a faulty escalator packed with commuters collapsed beneath their feet.

While the majority of the travelers were simply dumped in a pile at the bottom (unnerved but unhurt), one unfortunate man saw a gaping hole open in the metal steps beneath him — a second too late to stop himself from dropping into it, disappearing completely inside the mechanism, which seems to close and swallow him up like a hungry metal beast.

Watch for the 22-second mark on the clip below…

While it might not seem like this dude’s lucky day, he was extremely fortunate to survive the freak accident with only minor injuries… nevertheless, he was reportedly stuck under the stairs for more than an hour before a rescue team could reach him.

The footage above was captured by the Metro’s security camera, and recently made its way online — where it’s been burning up social media this week.

Speaking of escalators in Istanbul (as one does), here’s another video of a recent occurrence at a similar location… oddly enough, commuters didn’t seem to mind this obstacle nearly as much:


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