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This Towering Animatronic Pennywise Hints at IT’s Final Form

Although the final big-screen incarnation of Pennywise is still under wraps as the second half of Andy Muschietti’s mammoth Stephen King adaptation enters production this year, attendees at the TransWorld Halloween & Attractions Show in St. Louis were both horrified and delighted to see this amazing interpretation of IT’s ultimate evil.

Created by Unit 70 Studios, the massive animatronic prop was the most prominent and memorable part of a huge diorama — which also depicted the Neibolt house, one of Pennywise’s main haunts in the film.

Expanding on the 2017 film’s climactic image of Pennywise — which hints at his climactic form in the novel as a gigantic alien arachnid — Unit 70’s display adds an even more horrific touch in the form of PREDATOR-like mandibles detaching from the clown’s jaw, baring huge spider fangs as he holds aloft the body of poor Georgie… who screams and flails (real screams, naturally) while bleeding out from his bitten-off arm.

Image Credit: Cameron9999 via YouTube

IT: CHAPTER 2 is currently slated for a September 2019 release, so this Halloween we can expect even more terrifying Pennywise displays and costumes to keep fans satisfied (and coulrophobia sufferers in therapy) for a little while.