The 13th Floor

Watch a Father-Son Outing Go to Hell in the Single-Shot Short OVER THERE!

Our friends over at Crypt TV continue to serve up challenging new approaches to short-form horror cinema, and one of their latest uploads manages to capture a sublime, slowly-building sense of dread with a single, unbroken shot.

Writer-director F.D. Lazzari has previously mastered elements of design and composition in his earlier works — including the amazing music video for electronic artist Reid Willis’s 2013 track “The Slow Knife” — and his haunting approach to his short film OVER THERE demonstrates his skill with manipulating small elements within a frame without a single edit (the camera barely moves at all, in fact).

More of a tone piece than a full story, OVER THERE depicts a father and son playing soccer under a park bridge when subtle things begin to change around them: it begins with the sudden movement of the ball, as if it’s been kicked by something unseen, and slowly, deliberately escalates from there…

Be sure to drop by Crypt TV’s YouTube channel for more bite-size slices of scary cinema!