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Volunteers Appear to Eat Their Own Flesh in This Shocking FB Live Video

[Warning: Graphic images ahead]

On March 6, a Facebook Live feed streamed from a museum in Riga, Latvia sparked outrage and controversy through its depiction of a man and woman seemingly cannibalizing themselves in the name of art.

The video documents a real-time exhibition titled Eschatology by Latvian artist Arturs Berzinš (who can be seen standing offstage to the right), in which male and female volunteers allow a surgically-masked person in a Tyvek suit to slice what appears to be small pieces of flesh from their backs with a scalpel. Physical reactions from the two subjects suggest the procedure is not only real, but being performed without anesthetic.

Image Credit: Arturs Berzinš via YouTube

The subjects then watch and wait as those same chunks of “meat” are placed in a pan and fried. After the fleshy strips sizzle for a while, the masked surgeon/chef invites the subjects to stand up and approach… then removes the cooked meat and feeds it to them.

Image Credit: Arturs Berzinš via YouTube

The deliberately shocking performance disturbed so many viewers that the event was brought to the attention of local police — who are still investigating the incident to determine if the subjects were actually eating their own flayed flesh, or if the stunt was just a well-staged bit of fakery.

Image Credit: Arturs Berzinš via YouTube

The female subject is wearing a shirt and wig, so it’s possible these could have concealed a prosthetic back appliance… but as the male is shirtless with a shaved head, it would take expert FX mastery to fake his procedure.

If you’re brave enough, take a look for yourself and see if you can tell whether the “flesh” being consumed is real, or the result of very convincing practical makeup effects… here’s a recording of the main event:


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