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Childhood Nightmares Come Out to Play in the Chilling Short HADA

“Grandma, please don’t go… I’m scared.”

Those troubling words mark a haunting transition from the world of storybook fairytales to the domain of a creature who goes by the name “HADA,” in this acclaimed horror short by award-winning Spanish filmmaker Tony Morales.

Just like the hidden threats we all spied as children — lurking in the shadows, crouching in the depths of the closet, or slipping out from under the bed — the boogeyman (or, in this tale, a horrific twist on the Tooth Fairy) takes form only when the main lights are out, and the adults have gone to sleep.

Here, only the protagonist’s flashlight and his imaginary friend “Sam” can be trusted… or can they?

I’m not revealing any more details; you’ll have to find out firsthand. But I do recommend you watch this one in a dark room, preferably with headphones: Morales blends ominous sound design (the story takes place during a heavy thunderstorm) and chilling music with constantly-moving shadows and sudden flashes of light — transforming the boy’s small bedroom into a nightmare landscape where horror can manifest itself at the flick of a switch.

HADA has won over 50 awards on the festival circuit, and the director’s latest short film is making the rounds right now. Creepypasta fans in particular should stay tuned for news about that one, because it’s based on one of the most chilling viral legends ever.

If you like HADA, be sure to check out Morales’s earlier short, DO WE PLAY?


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