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Watch Drone Footage of a Florida Surfer Falling Onto a Shark

When Jason Griffeth sent a camera drone out over the waves of Vero Beach, Florida last weekend, he managed to capture this terrifying moment when an unidentified surfer fell from his board — and directly on top of a nearby shark.

According to UPI, Griffeth’s drone has spotted several species of shark in the area near Fort Pierce Inlet — including spinners and blacktips, which usually migrate to Florida beaches this time of year. But this chance encounter was quite a new experience, which Griffeth documented on his YouTube channel Hydrophilik:

Thankfully, neither human nor fish was injured in the collision… and the footage suggests the shark, which swam out to sea very quickly, was more surprised than the surfer… who may not even have realized what just happened.

“The sharks were never interested in the surfers and they never showed any aggression towards them,” Griffeth comments in the video description.