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Not Again! The Creepy Clown Sightings Are Back [VIDEO]

We thought we’d had a break from the rash of clown sightings — which allegedly began a few years ago in the UK, then spread like wildfire, spiking again in 2016, then once more during the theatrical run of Stephen King’s IT remake. But a new sighting has just been verified by video and many witnesses, last Sunday at a popular park in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Videos like the one below, according to Albuquerque’s KRQE News 13, were shot at the Bosque — a regular weekend gathering place for families, runners, picnickers and dog-walkers. But this time a creepy Pennywise lookalike decided to pay a social visit to unsuspecting park-goers:

The clown’s arrival was unexpected, but not quite as scary as you might expect — especially since most passers-by were revealed to be big fans of the recent film, and actually came up for a closer look.

“I’d be really excited to see Pennywise,” one observer told reporters. “I’m not afraid of clowns… I don’t have that phobia.”

According to the report below, the man beneath the greasepaint is construction worker and part-time cosplay enthusiast Everett Wilbanks — who stated he was at the Bosque for a photo shoot, not intending to cause a disturbance. He did claim someone reported him to the police, who found no evidence of legal wrongdoing… after all, creepiness usually isn’t a crime; if it were, some of us (no names please) would be in serious trouble.

“I went up to them and they assured me I wasn’t doing anything illegal,” Wilbanks told KRQE, “and they said it was weird.”

That creepy but ultimately harmless vibe might have led to the video’s viral popularity since it was first posted to Facebook, with thousands of shares and views in the six-figure range already.

While he admits Pennywise is a scary character to play, Wilbanks insists “I’m not a scary person,” and assures that “not all clowns are scary. Clown lives matter too.”

Nevertheless, he concluded the interview with words of caution: “If one is stalking you… get away.”