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This Viral Video Shows Monstrous “Hogzilla” Dumpster-Diving in Hong Kong

The following footage might resemble a behind-the-scenes peek at a reboot of 1984 Australian monster movie RAZORBACK. The beast depicted in this clip doesn’t actually hail from that continent… but it also happens to be totally real.

The short but shocking clip below was shot in a Hong Kong neighborhood by a couple driving their children to school — the family got a close-up glimpse of a massive wild boar, standing on its hind legs to raid a dumpster. As it turns out, that trash bin is reportedly located very close to the same kids’ school building.

The family dog can be heard yapping in distress at the surreal sight, while two smaller pigs — presumably the giant’s offspring — wait for their parent to rip open the contents of a large plastic garbage bag.

The video was originally posted to Facebook by Tu Dong, and quickly went viral; hundreds of thousands of views later, copies are still being shared across social media and multiple international news outlets, and many users have now embraced the mega-boar’s new nickname: “Hogzilla.”