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Watch Nicole Kidman Eat a Four-Course Meal of Bugs [VIDEO]

Yes, we all know some celebrities are a bit eccentric, and sometimes do weird things to themselves (or others), promote crazy products or remedies, or engage in rather odd dietary habits… but excluding those food & travel hosts who willingly eat gross stuff, this may be a first.

Image Credit: Vanity Fair/YouTube

Following a recent shoot for Vanity Fair, A-lister Nicole Kidman also starred in an episode of the magazine’s web series SECRET TALENT THEATRE, during which she calmly, elegantly introduces herself before picking up a pair of chopsticks and launching into a meal of various worms and insects… some of which are clearly alive as she pops them into her mouth.

Referring to the creatures as “micro-livestock,” Kidman explains how “two billion people in the world eat live bugs… and I’m one of them.”

Digging daintily into the silver and crystal dishes, she then describes the experience of eating live hornworms (“very moist, chewy… can’t quite describe the flavor”), mealworms (“a fruity taste… I’d recommend it”), crickets (“awesome… like a hairy nut”), and a dessert of fried grasshoppers (“these are exquisite”).

Although Kidman is a citizen of both the US and Australia, she clearly embraces the boldness of the latter: not only do so many Aussies embrace creepy creatures of all kinds (including the ones that can straight-up kill you), they’ll even have them for dinner… sometimes literally.


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