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The Bizarre Viral Mystery of Daisy Brown and Her Pet Monster

In past features, we’ve delved into the output of some pretty disturbing, baffling and unexplained online media “celebrities” — including the still-active “Chip-Chan” or the even more demented ANIMALHEAD, to name just a few. It’s impossible to keep up with all of them, since dozens more seem to pop up every day. But when one user/creator really stands out, I can’t help but dig a bit deeper into the mystery behind their work.

That being said, there appears to be a new kid on the viral block, who has recently captured the attention of social media and has been the focus of various discussion groups over the past few months. She calls herself Daisy Brown, and has built a sizable following on Twitter and YouTube… and not just with her wildly-misspelled posts, which often read like a bizarro-world version of famous video blogger LonelyGirl15.

More specifically, users are buzzing about Daisy’s evolving story of “Alan” — an extremely creepy puppet creation, which Daisy describes in her bio as “a monster my dad made.” In video entries like this one, she describes her father as a brilliant scientist, but won’t go into detail about why he’s no longer around…

Resembling a David Lynch project come to life, Alan is almost always present in Daisy’s videos — even if it’s just his tiny cries and grunts heard off-camera — and according to tweets and video commentary (during which Daisy never reveals her own face), the little bluish-gray creature is growing, learning and also developing strange growths which seem to represent either a bizarre disease or a deliberate mutation… perhaps even stages of a physical transformation. I shudder to imagine exactly what Alan might be changing into, but I’m fascinated to find out.

Let’s start at the beginning: Daisy Brown — who claims to be located in Stevens Point, Wisconsin — launched Twitter and YouTube accounts in late June, 2017, and as of today’s writing she has amassed over 500,000 views and over 14,000 subscribers, based on around two dozen short video uploads. Her Twitter following is not quite as robust (just under 2000 so far)… but it’s those creepy, unnerving videos, like the one below, that gained Daisy the most fans.

Many of these followers have started posting their own artistic renderings of Alan — the “monster” which Daisy treats very much like a human infant. Since none of them have seen Daisy’s face, fan artists either focus their work entirely on Alan (usually in cute, cuddly depictions), or create their own interpretations of what Daisy might look like.

Reddit and 4chan groups are still debating whether the web series represents a performance art project in itself, or if there may be embedded clues within the unfolding saga of Daisy and Alan — hinting at a form of Alternate Reality Game (ARG), which could be guiding users to solve a cryptic puzzle. There’s a fair amount of data to support the ARG theory, particularly if you pay attention to particular details.

Image Credit: Daisy Brown via YouTube

For example, the episode posted below shows various personal items Daisy found inside a suitcase in her attic, while presumably searching for her father’s notes about Alan’s creation. But watch the captions after the 4-minute mark, which begin to show signs of an emotional breakdown.

This starts just before the screen is partially obscured by a blurred rectangle (which hides the writing on a note she is presumably reading aloud, but continues to hover there even when she’s out of frame), and continues to the end of the clip as she begins to struggle through tears — possibly triggered by memories of her father, as she mentions him specifically.

Personally, I’m leaning toward the performance-art idea. If I’m correct, then the project is definitely building a loyal audience, through which the story is growing beyond the boundaries of just a quirky web series, and into a world-building venture in which other users can participate. To an artist, that’s a worthy achievement — especially in today’s saturated media environment.

Either way, I’m keeping tabs on Daisy and Alan’s story… because it’s already starting to get way creepier than it already looks at first glance. Case in point is the following post, which you should also watch with captioning enabled.

[Fair warning: this one goes from zero to nightmare in a very short period of time.]


Stranger yet, many of Daisy’s Twitter photos and webcam clips show various marks on her body — such as patterns of bruises on her chest and neck, a bandage on her leg (possibly from “injuries” by the monster baby?), and strange scrawls of writing on her arms in some of the clips.

Other vids and images show the many grotesque cyst-like growths on Alan’s body mutating into twisted appendages, resembling tree roots or twigs… suggesting the little creature is undergoing a rapid physical transformation.

Is Daisy trying to warn us that little Alan poses a potential threat, and she’s feeding us hints that she needs our help? Exactly what is Alan becoming, and what will happen to Daisy if/when that happens?

The videos suggest there’s an end-game in there somewhere, a climax to the tale… but when and how will it play out? If clips like this next one are any indication, the relationship between Daisy and Alan isn’t going to end well…

Hopefully we’ll know more soon… but in the meantime, keep a close eye on Daisy Brown’s channel, and be sure to check back here for updates.


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