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Painting’s Former Owner Says It’s Haunted by a “Shadow Person”

After purchasing an eerie acrylic painting entitled “Soul Bowl” at an antique shop in New Zealand, the new owner soon developed what you might call a paranormal case of buyer’s remorse.

As reported by the NZ Herald, the unnamed person — who bought the painting at Resale Therapy in Village Centre, Pauanui — began to observe a strange series of occurrences. It began with the painting falling from the wall during the night, and climaxed with a disturbing encounter with what the buyer calls a “shadow person.”

He or she claims that one night “a shadowy figure was cast (moving) from the upstairs room window where painting is hung,” but upon investigating the room, saw only “my own shadow… cast onto the driveway when I looked out the window… creepy.”

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These strange occurrences convinced the owner that the painting (which is signed by an artist identified only as “Jill”) was haunted. Unsettled, they promptly moved it to the garage before setting up an auction page for it on the NZ online marketplace Trade Me.

After the bidding began, the seller left the following comment:

I’ve been advised by a paranormal investigator to disclose that this painting is “reportedly haunted” based on my experiences so far with the painting in the house. Of course no object can 100% be guaranteed haunted but I can however guarantee that my personal experience so far with the painting is truthful and I cannot explain logically what that shadow was, or how it fell off the wall a matter of weeks later.

As of today, the painting has been sold — the winning bid is $150 NZ Dollars.