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Witness the Birth of HUNDREDS of Venomous Spiders [VIDEO]

When it comes to pure, unfiltered horrors from the animal kingdom, we’ve learned to rely on our friends in Australia to deliver the goods… but dammit, they just keep raising the bar on us.

Case in point: Australian Reptile Park – always a trusted source for creepy videos and images of spiders and snakes – has come through again, this time with a recently-posted video entitled “FUNNEL WEB EGG SACK OF NIGHTMARES.”

If you can’t figure that one out from the title alone, we’d be glad to help you out… just don’t say we didn’t warn you arachnophobes out there. Here it is:

In case you were too freaked out to press play, the above clip – which has also gone viral via the park’s Facebook page – gets up close and personal with the egg case of a funnel-web spider, just as dozens of newly-hatched babies inside are in the process of emerging from their sticky enclosure, coaxed out by a brave individual with two sets of tweezers (hopefully very long tweezers) and other precision implements.

Experts at the park regularly receive live specimens of this highly venomous arachnid – often from amateur “spider hunters.” The creatures’ potentially-lethal toxins are then extracted and sent to specialized labs to produce live-saving antivenom.