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Relive a Deadly Paranormal Incident (and its Aftermath) in the Chilling Short INTRUDERS!

Without a single word of dialogue, Quebec-based filmmaker and FX artist Santiago Menghini has conjured slow-burn chills and some seriously intense scares with his stylish, dreamlike horror short INTRUDERS — based in part on a pair of short comic-book stories by Al Columbia (“5:45 AM”) and Uno Moralez (“Jacov”), with a third tale (“Inspector”) that ties them together.

INTRUDERS made its online debut in 2016 after screening at Slamdance, Screamfest, Toronto After Dark and the Stanley Film Festival (among many others), and I’m kind of ashamed I didn’t get to catch it during that run — because Ray Lavers’ lush widescreen cinematography sets a truly nightmarish tone, and the image-driven storytelling, paired with a simple but unique concept, makes this one a must for the big screen.

The scenario is simple: After a deadly paranormal event takes place in a small suburban home, echoes of that massacre continue to linger… and not only do the victims seem to be haunting the premises after their demise, but the monstrous cause of their deaths is apparently still on the prowl.

If you prefer your horror loud, bloody and in-your-face extreme, INTRUDERS was not meant for you. But if you dig moody, skin-crawling atmosphere that slips under your skin and works its way up your spine, you’re in for a creepy good time with this one.

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