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The Strange Mystery of the Starchild Skull Found in Mexico

Somewhere around 1930, a young girl exploring an abandoned mine in southwest Chihuahua, Mexico unearthed a startling and frightening discovery. It was a skull, buried deep within the tunnels. From the size and shape, she ascertained that it was a child-sized human skull. Next to the child’s skull was a full-sized human skeleton lying face up in the middle of one of the tunnels, but there was something about the child’s skull which made the find particularly unnerving.

For decades, the skull remained in Mexico until a couple from El Paso, Texas purchased it and brought it to America. It remained with them as a curious souvenir until paranormal expert Lloyd Pye obtained it from the couple. Noting its larger than normal cranium,and suggesting that the brain was significantly larger than the average adult, Pye was convinced that he had stumbled upon a human extraterrestrial hybrid. Further study of the skull reveled that there were no frontal sinuses, the back of the skull was flat, and the optic nerve canal was situated towards the bottom rather than the back. The unique properties of the skull launched the “Starchild Project”, Pye’s research project to determine the origins of this strange being.

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The group ascertained that the skull was 900 years old and that of a female. A more in-depth examination revealed that the inner ear was far larger than a normal inner ear. Pye hypothesized that the this being was capable of hearing otherworldly high frequency sounds. Pye’s DNA testing of the skull also found 56 variations; monkeys only have two. In 2011, another DNA test reveled that large amounts of the DNA found were not listed in any database, furthering Pye’s claim that the Starchild is not 100% from Earth.

The skull was then examined under an electron microscope where researchers found strange fibers in the bone. Certain biological contamination has been known to cause such fibers, however, mycologists found nothing to support this. Others speculated that that these could be caused by Morgellon’s Disease, but the size and shape of the fibers do not resemble the ones left by the disease.

In 2003, the skull was tested with Energy Dispersive Spectrometry. This process bounces electrons off of the bone in order to determine what elements it is comprised of. The Starchild’s skull revealed high levels of aluminum. The test also revealed high levels of carbon and oxygen. Pye wanted to determine the age of the Starchild at the time of death. Based on teeth fragments, it was believed that this child would have been six-years-old when she died. However other evidence such as the way the plates in the skull meet and the heavy wear of the teeth suggest that the Starchild was far older when she died.

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There are those who refuted Pye’s claim. One researcher found the skull’s calcium hydroxyapatite content was well within normal human limits. A neurologist from Yale University Medical School stated that the skull has all the characteristics of a child who had died from congenital hydrocephalus. Hydrocephalus is a disease which causes the brain to accumulate cerebrospinal fluid. This accumulation causes the skull to enlarge. A 1999, DNA test revealed both an X and a Y chromosome indicating that both parents had to be human in order to contribute these chromosomes.

Hydrocephalus in infant. Source- Wikipedia

One lab did trace the Starchild’s mitochondrial DNA, a type of DNA contributed only by the mother, and found that the mother and the Starchild would have belonged to haplogroup C. Haplogroup C is a mitochondrial group believed to originate in Northeast Asia. However, in a strange twist, the female skeleton found next to the Starchild is from haplogroup A, a haplogroup with a higher concentration among indigenous people of the Americas and also believed to have originated in east Asia. This finding proves that the Starchild was not the daughter of the woman whom she was found with.

A noted cryptozoologist, Pye also traveled the world lecturing on the existence of Bigfoot and was also a television writer on shows like SCARECROW AND MRS. KING and MAGNUM P.I.  When he retired from the lecture circuit a year before his death in 2013, Pye still held on to his belief that the Starchild was in fact an alien highbred. The Starchild Research Project is still active online with a most recent update in 2016. Over the years, Pye’s research helped create generations of believers, some of which sill carry on his work four years after his death.