The 13th Floor

This Creepy CCTV Video Seems to Reveal a Dancer’s Sinister Doppelgänger

Despite its dubious nature, this security-cam footage first surfaced on Facebook in April, and since then it’s acquired 4.5 million views from skeptics, paranormal believers, effects experts, and people just looking for a little jolt in their daily routine.

Apparently captured by a high-angle CCTV camera in a dance studio, the black-and-white clip posted below shows a dancer practicing her technique in the wall-to-wall mirrors, which create multiple reflections of herself from various angles. This goes on for a few minutes before the young woman finally sits down on the floor to rest for a while… and that’s when we see this:

Ghost, Paranormal and Other Weird Worlds via Facebook

It takes a few seconds before the dancer finally makes a hasty exit, as one of the multiple reflections seems to be heading in her direction, with seemingly malicious intent.

Here’s the complete video:

It’s not hard to dismiss this as a skillful bit of digital trickery, but even so, it’s an effective scare, and the post has racked up thousands of comments from viewers around the world after it surfaced on the Facebook page Ghost, Paranormal and Other Weird Worlds, where similar footage is collected for analysis and chilling entertainment. So whatever the aim of the video’s original creator, they definitely captured the world’s attention.