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CINEMA IN EXTREMIS: Exclusive Images from Anthony DiBlasi’s EXTREMITY!

In previous installments of this column, I’ve offered some tantalizing behind-the-scenes information on the making of EXTREMITY, a sure-to-be-controversial work of transgressive cinema from talented director Anthony DiBlasi (LAST SHIFT, DREAD), including interviews with the director and his creative collaborators David Bond and Scott Swan, who share an enviable list of genre credits (including John Carpenter’s installments from MASTERS OF HORROR).

Besides decades of combined experience, these three also share an artistic desire to push the boundaries of extreme and challenging works of art… and thanks to production company Dark Elegy Films, their creative efforts have finally aligned for the feature film EXTREMITY.

Image Credit: Dark Elegy Films Inc.

An emotionally grueling, visually stunning Grand Guignol tale of extreme-haunt attractions and our collective obsession with total-immersion events sweeping the nation (including Blackout, McKamey Manor and The Tension Experience), EXTREMITY goes where no previous narrative films have dared to venture.

Though mockumentary films like HELL HOUSE LLC and THE HOUSES OCTOBER BUILT have addressed this subject in entertaining and suspenseful ways before… those productions are likely to be kiddie fare compared to the dark, violent and horrific spaces EXTREMITY will be exploring.

Image Credit: Dark Elegy Films Inc.

“Like the extreme haunts, this film is meant to push those buttons,” DiBlasi explains, “and if you peel back the layers of entertainment, it will also speak to people about their own self-destructive natures. We inherently want to push ourselves to our limits, both physically and psychologically, and to get as close to death as possible and know where that line is… That’s what EXTREMITY is all about.”

DiBlasi also points out that EXTREMITY goes for a more surreal, stylized approach, as opposed to a grittier feel — which he feels can make the powerfully disturbing subject matter more palatable.

Image Credit: Dark Elegy Films Inc.

“The visuals lure you in,” he explains, “and that makes the impact all the stronger.”

Dana Christina heads the EXTREMITY cast as Allison, a tormented young woman who believes she can heal her deeply-ingrained personal traumas and emotional wounds by participating in an extreme haunt called “Perdition”… but the resulting experience threatens to unleash horrible secrets from the darkest corners of her memory.

Image Credit: Dark Elegy Films Inc.

Christina is joined by costars Chad Rook (WAR FOR THE PLANET OF THE APES), J. LaRose (INSIDIOUS), Ami Tomite (MEATBALL MACHINE KODOKU), internationally-famous model Ashley Smith and TOKYO GORE POLICE director Yoshihiro Nishimura, who also designed the film’s shockingly graphic effects.

In one of his final cinematic projects, renowned artist Simon Sayce — creator of the original HELLRAISER puzzle box — created the horrific and surreal masks featured prominently among the “Perdition” participants. Sadly, Simon passed on earlier this week, but leaves behind a legacy of iconic work beloved by horror fans and connoisseurs of dark art.

Image Credit: Dark Elegy Films Inc.

Although the filmmakers have offered us some intriguing behind-the-scenes photos to accompany those earlier interviews, we’re proud to premiere the very first official stills from EXTREMITY, exclusive to these pages… which hint at the beautifully nightmarish imagery in store.

Check out Dark Elegy Films’ official Facebook page for more details and updates to come!