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What Goes Bump In The Night In The Horror Short, MR. THUMP?

The sun is going down, it’s getting dark out, you’re probably prepping for dinner, or maybe even contemplating what will be on your agenda for the weekend. Well, if you need a quick break from all those responsibilities, might we suggest the following 7 minute horror short?

I found this one randomly on You Tube, and I dug the title. Then I watched it, and it’s got its own creepy nursery rhyme, à la the Freddy Krueger “one-two!”

This one was shot in one night by writer/director Nate Pommering. I recommend hitting all the lights out and giving it a watch!

For more, check out the NP Films You Tube page. And below as an added bonus is a little “making-of” featurette for MR. THUMP!