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Teddy Bear Surgery is the Most Disturbing Thing You’ll See This Week

Like many children, my first toy was a teddy bear. There is something special about a stuffed bear that no other toy seems to have. They are soft, squeezable, and provide endless comfort; their friendly, fuzzy faces always greeting their owners with warmth at the end of a long day in a classroom and on the playground. But perhaps the relationship between child and bear is not entirely one-sided. Perhaps your teddy can also feel love, sadness, and pain.

This video, which YouTube user zefrank1 calls “Teddy Has An Operation,” shows what may be inside your teddy bear, and it is not all sugar, spice and everything nice. Consider this bizarro short documentary a fair warning of the consequences that follow if your mistreat a favorite toy. Play nice, kids… or your teddy may need an operation…