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Watch This “Makeup Tutorial” Video Go Suddenly, Horribly Wrong

Beyond that headline, I don’t think I really need to give you too much setup for this shocking clip — although I do have a detailed (and spoiler-filled) follow-up afterward, which may be enlightening for those of you who haven’t seen it yet.

It was originally posted in 2014, and has racked up over six million views since then… but thanks to a couple of recent developments, it’s resurfaced again recently.

So, enough with the preamble. Check it out below… but please note that it does contain extremely graphic content (as if you hadn’t figured that out already).

So… assuming you’ve now officially joined the freaked-out millions who have watched “Party Make Up with Nikki,” I’ll explain what the hell just happened here.

It’s pretty straightforward, actually — part of the reason this clip went mad viral is that at least one YouTuber reposted a slightly-edited version of the video, excluding the short bumper promoting a site called THE 15 EXPERIENCE, thus removing any evidence that the clip was part of a larger found-footage project.

THE 15 EXPERIENCE is the work of an unnamed user calling himself “The Hacker,” who makes the following claim:

On 5/15/14, I hacked into a security feed of 15 IP cameras in an unknown mansion, in an unknown location, that appeared to have some sort of haunting or paranormal activity. The images and sounds I captured compelled me to share this with the world. On that day, along with thousands of other people watching online, I witnessed terrifying paranormal events that resulted in the disappearance of 4 people… who are still missing to this day. I am back now and asking for your help to find them.

The other videos posted on The Hacker’s site and YouTube channel aren’t nearly as shocking, but they’re still seriously creepy.

Another reason this clip is making the rounds again is tied to a recent update on THE 15 EXPERIENCE Facebook page, in which The Hacker claims to have resurfaced after a two-year hiatus… and hints he may be planning something new.

Considering it’s just 10 days before the three-year anniversary of the site’s launch, I expect we’ll be hearing (and seeing) more from The Hacker soon…